Jean-François Racine was born in Rivière-du-loup, Québec, Canada in 1968. His formal education included the Graphic Design and Art program at Cegep de Rivière-du-loup, the Political Science program at Laval University in Quebec city and Ski Resort Operation and Management program at Selkirk College in Nelson, British Columbia. Recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished young painters, his work is well known throughout the country. While his subjects are various and different, he excels in painting outdoor, mountains and winter scenery. He is best known for either his work on ski areas slopes or his work on ridges out of ski areas boundaries into the wilderness.

Galerie Iris (Baie-Saint-Paul)
Galerie d'art internationale (Québec)
Galerie 806 (Mont Tremblant)
Gallery Odin (Vernon)
White Grizzly (Meadow Creek)

Jean-François Racine briefly

Born in the hustle and bustle of the year 1968, Jean-François Racine grows under the sign of the quiet revolution, the cold war, the political instability of Quebec and the birth of the General estates about the environment. His degree in graphic art in hand, he leads in political science before becoming a citizen and artist engaged in his community.

The call of the mountain

Today, convinced that changing the world begins at home, he uses his art as a tool for awareness of the beauty and the Northern. The winter is the most affected season by global warming and Racine shows the world what we can lose. Skier Emeritus – promoting green expeditions - Jean-François uses his skis to reach his favorites subjects, and then, as sk’easel.

For the artist, the mountain is a fascinating subject. Generous, it offers the most beautiful subjects but you have to respect it. For many cultures, the mountain symbolizes the meeting of heaven and Earth. For others, it is the abode of gods. For Jean-François Racine, each day up there is an inspiring adventure that causes both physical wellness and spiritual reflection.

In the gallery and ¨sur le motif¨

Jean-François Racine’s pieces are display in several galleries across Canada. On the occasion of the 2010 Olympics, he has presented in Vancouver, Sun Peaks, Vernon and Nelson a striking exhibition composed of 36 paintings showing the highest peaks of British Colombia. In April 2012, he participated in a cultural exchange and performed two exhibitions in Sakai and Kyoto (Japan). His giant painting made in the 24 hours of Tremblant - and sold $ 25,000 for the benefit of the Foundation Charles Bruneau in 2005 - remains an important achievement in the Montreal area.

Jean-François Racine is co-founder of Forces Avenir and he’s involved in the Art, literature and Culture national price’s Committee of selection for the University level. He is also member of the selection Committee of the International Symposium of contemporary art and board’s member of the Musée d'art contemporain in Baie-St-Paul.

The painter is distinguished by his integrated and totally unique approach. Over the years, art lovers and collectors realize the heritage value and the exceptional quality of his collection. It will be interesting to observe his work in 100 years considering the attention that the artist made to the chemistry of pigments to ensure greater longevity for his works. Jean-François Racine, a smart artist to follow...

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