Fishing and Marine

Jean-François Racine grew up on the de la Plage street at the Rocher-Blanc, a bay offering the perfect view on the sunsets and the islands of the Parc national du Bic. The Simard-Racine family built one of the first year-round houses in the area. It was an amazing inspirational spot, but, of course, it came with compromises!

Young Jean-François had to walk one kilometre to catch the bus. In winter, to save time, he could cut on the pack ice, but the polar wind was waiting for him. After school, in these conditions, he rather took refuge in the woods with his dogs. In the summer, canoe camping on the islands and windsurfing were his favourite hobbies. His bedroom vibrated to the rhythm of the waves and this is how Jean-François developed his love for water, snow, nature and winter conditions.

Several years later, on the other side of the river, it is in Charlevoix that the artist will develop his interest in fishing on lakes and rivers. Over the years, he will have the chance to experience several fishing trips where his interest will be more captured by the paint than by the bait of the fish. For Racine, fly fishing is often just a pretext to discover magnificent territories in Quebec.

The section “Fishing and marine” therefore includes artworks on the subject of waterways. We can find different scenes from the smallest stream to the sea, from the great rivers of Quebec to the Magdalen Islands. Discover magnificent territories!