Urbanity is, for the artist, a subject sparsely harnessed. Jean-François Racine as always been called by nature. He is an explorer of wild and natural environments. His life always kept him away from the city. It's why this subject is very little exploited.

It was in 2012, during a trip and an exhibition to Sakai and Kyoto, in Japan, that Jean-François Racine will be interested in urbanity for the first time. In fact, the illuminated cities allow great pictorial delusions. These multicoloured lights can be very inspiring and this is how Racine started this process. In North America, cities that are generally less bright still inspire beautiful nocturnal panoramas, especially if the bodies of water, which generally border them, allow playing with movements and reflections. In the last few years, the artist has painted some large works inspired by urban landscapes. He would also like to have access to these magnificent views of the city and its reflections. Notice to interested parties!