Art Available

In this section, you will find out the available Jean-François Racine's paintings. These can be physically exhibited in the gallery or even in the workshop for various reasons.

You will notice that a few artwork is available due to an ever-increasing demand and a high number of orders. We try to keep this section up to date as carefully as possible, but as gallery sales can be made daily, it is possible that an artwork has already been sold.

Contact us, it will be a pleasure to let you know if the painting you like is still available. If it's love at first sight, we can find a solution!

Personalized orders are possible!

More and more art lovers are realizing that it is possible to imagine and create a work project with an artist. This is a very pleasant process for all the people who are part of it. Jean-François Racine has been creating personalized artworks for several years on various subjects inspired by and with his clients.

You would like to immortalize a moment of your life, your family in a particular context, a territory, an event? Challenge the artist. The costs are always proportional to the size of the artwork, and the artist always make sure to integrate you in the process.