Quebec Mountains

The expression “born with skis on your feet” lends itself wonderfully to Jean-François Racine. Since he was three, Jean-François spent all his weekends with his family skiing in the mountains of the province. Fairly quickly, the young Jean-François demonstrates nice skills. He was part of the Mont-Comi competitive team until he discovered freestyle skiing and his favourite discipline, mogul skiing.

Spending every weekend on skis, Jean-François has developed a love for the mountains of Quebec and especially a pair of thighs that will allow him to carry out several adventures during the next decades.

In 1998, he moved to Charlevoix, the maternal family land where he came to spend the summer times hanging out in a few galleries and artists studios. He then began the titanic task of restoring the old Michel Mill, a project he is still working on 23 years later. A young artist and a very committed citizen, the preservation of heritage and the enhancement of our history are of great interest to him. Consult the section Old Mills to know more about that subject.

It was in 2003, at Lake Louise in Alberta, that Jean-François Racine painted for the first time in the mountains. Having left on an exploration trip to paint and ski, it was when he realized that he had forgotten to bring an easel that Jean-François used his skis to help out. The effectiveness of these as an easel was remarkable. Moreover, with the new high road skis, even the most secret and inaccessible spots remain reachable. The skier painter was born.

Upon his return to Quebec, Jean-François Racine became the artist in residence at Le Massif de Charlevoix. He painted there for several years and, during this period, realized great live performances across Quebec such as the 24h Tremblant.